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At AOC, we don’t just offer top-notch home improvement and property management services – we provide peace of mind to property owners like you in our lovely resort town. With over two decades of experience under our belt, we’re the go-to experts for all your home renovation and management needs.

Here is what you can expect working with AOC:

→ Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
→ Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
→ Quality & Value to all Projects
→ Highest Standards in Cost Control
→ On-Time and on Budget
→ Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Transform Your Home with AOC: Professional Remodeling & Renovations

There are many reasons that you may be considering a renovation or remodeling project. Maybe the aesthetic of your home needs some updating. Maybe you want change, but moving homes isn’t an option. Or maybe you just want to get creative with your living space. Whatever your objective is, AOC is here to help. We provide full renovation services; no matter how big or small your renovation project is, we have skilled designers and craftsmen ready to make your ideas come to life. If you’re ready to make some changes to your home, give us a call and take the first steps towards an exciting new renovation or remodel project.


  • Get Creative: Allow AOC to help make your ideas come to life with a renovation or remodeling project. Enjoy the freedom of expressing your creativity and make your home an enjoyable space.
  • Update Your Home: Transform the look and feel of your home with a renovation or remodeling project. Let AOC give your home a modern and stylish makeover.
  • Stay Put: If moving isn‘t an option, a renovation or remodeling project may be the perfect solution. Keep the home you love and give it the updates it needs with AOC.
  • Professional Craftsmen: Let AOC‘s skilled designers and craftsmen help you create the perfect space. Get the job done right with experienced professionals.
  • Projects of Any Size: Whether your renovation or remodeling project is big or small, AOC is ready to help. Enjoy the convenience of full-service renovation services.

Unlock the Potential of Your Home

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  • What services does AOC offer for remodeling and renovation projects?

    AOC offers full service renovation services including design, construction, and installation. We have skilled designers and craftsmen ready to make your ideas come to life.

  • How do I get started with a remodeling or renovation project?

    Give us a call to discuss your project or fill out the free quote form and take the first steps towards an exciting new renovation or remodel project.   

  • What size project can AOC handle?

    We are able to handle projects of any size, from small renovations to large remodeling projects.

  • How long will a remodeling or renovation project take?

    The length of the project will depend on the size and complexity of the renovation work. We will be able to provide an estimate of the project timeline once we have discussed the project in more detail.

  • Do you offer financing options?

    Yes, AOC can provide expert financing advice to make your project more affordable. Contact us to learn more.

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